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In choosing sides


What was the fight that got folks most hype: Louis vs. Schmelling, Ali vs. Frazier or maybe Ali vs. Forman? Nah, Holmes, try Prince vs. Michael Jackson. Live from the Local 506 in Chapel Hill on Saturday, April 19, DJs Bro Rabb and Sleazy McQueen will be flipping Prince and Michael Jackson patties so much you'll thinks it's a barbecue.

Back and forth, MJ to Prince (or whatever he is called nowadays), this party is gonna be a sign of the times. It's as easy as 123, baby. The shit's gonna give ya butterflies. It's gonna be a beautiful night, because the DJs bring contrasting styles that will rock you (all nite) no matter if your black or white. Bro Rabb (of WNCU, WXDU and many of your favorite clubs) says that the music will be "Jackson Five to the Time and Vanity 6 É anything Prince, Prince-affiliated and Michael Jackson-affiliated covers by mediocre bands)." Sleazy McQueen is the pale chap known for his electronica and '80s wizardry. Sleazy's sleazy steez will be a complement to Bro Rabb's old-school flavor. The only thing left is "the question of you"--you gonna go?

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