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In helping Durham rock


A handful of Durham bands decided to move their show from the Basement to the Coffeehouse themselves this week. Members of Jett Rink, Des Ark, and Blackstrap originally planned the show there, but when John Koelle, soundman at the Basement, and Jason Jordan, who books the club, pulled out once and for all, the bands switched gears. It's been a turbulent past few months for the Basement. This show marks a new direction, benefiting Jordan and Koelle's effort to start a new space. All door receipts will be donated to them in hopes of securing another dependable locale in Durham to host live music. Since Jett Rink (pictured left) will have a new five song EP available at the show, consider this shindig their CD release party as well. Des Ark have one on the way, so pester 'em about it. Lend a hand, a measly $5 cover, at the Help Durham Rock show: Duke Coffeehouse this Saturday, April 19.

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