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Playing as a duo for several years, singing rock drummer Scott Nurkin and tear-it-up guitarist Mitch Rothrock added Shane Hartman on bass last year, fully expanding the stomp-and-soul that is the Dynamite Brothers' (pictured above) sound. Aside from some compilation appearances here and there (their "Whatcha Gonna Do?" was a raw highlight of the local comp Patchwork), they've yet to release a full sampling of their mix of blues-infused rock and tough funk until now. Clap Along With the Dynamite Brothers sprawls across gutbucket blues, red clay country holler and horn-filled R&B, and features a bevy of Triangle roots-styled contributors like Tim Smith of Countdown Quartet, Scott McCall of the Two Dollar Pistols and April Howell of Hobex. When they deliver live, it's a red-eyed devil's music crushed to its dusty essence. Come on and clap along at Go! Room 4, Friday, March 28. Buzzsawyer and the Weather open. --Chris Toenes

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