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@bettxt:t-6>Back in the mid-'90s, B>Juliana Hatfield$>'s indie waif pout graced the covers of mega-consumption mags like I>Spin$>. These days Hatfield (pictured right) is back on an indie label (Zoe/Rounder) with two simultaneous releases: I>Beautiful Creature$> (the "real" record) and I>Juliana's Pony$>, a tee-hee "concept" album where Hatfield explores I>metal$>. Has the new millennium birthed an older, wiser Hatfield? Nah, it's still dorm-room fodder all the way. B>Grand National$>, a power trio featuring former fIREHOSE singer, guitarist Ed from Ohio, and bassist Jenny Snyder, open the Cat's Cradle show on June 22. (Incidentally, both Ed and Jenny played in Whiskeytown for a spell.) Ed's still got the guitar chops, and Snyder\m>while no ball hog like Mike Watt\m>writes some cool melodic bass parts. Rumor has it that John Howie (Two Dollar Pistols) will be doing drum duty, an unfortunately rare event these days. Tickets are $8. For more information, call 967-9053. \m>I>Angie Carlson

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