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@bettxt:t-7>The Spanish writer Federico García Lorca attributed I>duende$> to four things: music, dance, spoken poetry and bullfighting. A term that Lorca translated roughly as "black sounds," I>duende$> is "the mystery, the roots fastened in the mire that we all know and ignore, the mire that gives us the very substance of art." To get a glimpse of this strange power, Triangle residents have to go no farther on June 18 than the N.C. Museum of History, where American flamenco virtuoso B>Ron Radford$> (pictured right) will play at 3 p.m. Lauded in Mexico City, at Carnegie Hall and in Madrid\m>where he was officially credited with I>duende$>\m>Radford will be accompanied by flamenco dancer Tamara La Garbancita, who has lived and trained with Andalusian gypsies in Spain. Tickets are $10; call 787-8066 for more information.

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@bettxt:t-11>Husband-and-wife-team Michael Penn and Aimee Mann bring their B>Acoustic Vaudeville$> tour to the Durham's Carolina Theatre on Friday, June 16. Known for her "brutally honest adult pop," Mann's been getting rave reviews for her contributions to the I>Magnolia$> soundtrack as well as her last album: I>Bachelor #2$>, released on her own SuperEgo imprint. Penn's latest, I>MP4: Days Since a Lost Time Accident$>, is another batch of perfectly penned pop tracks with melodic nods to Lennon and McCartney. The show has the duo trading songs (Mann on acoustic guitar, Penn mainly on bass) from their lengthy careers, and incorporating an actual comedian for the audience interaction part (hence the "vaudeville" aspect, which also lets Mann and Penn focus on their music rather than having to come up with clever between-song banter). For details, call 560-3030. \m>I>Angie Carlson$t-7>

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@bettxt:t-7>She's the best female vocalist you've never heard despite 20 years of live performance and spots on television and radio. He's a first-rate songwriter whose songs can sound contemporary or traditional. They're B>Phil and Gaye Johnson$> from Tryon, N.C., the home of America's tiniest daily newspaper. With a wondrously expressive voice that's two-parts pure mountain folk and one-part contemporary country, Gaye Johnson proves a singer you could listen to night after night without ever losing interest. Together Phil and Gaye Johnson are a singer and a songwriter you need to hear, blending mountain heart and contemporary awareness. PineCone and the Town of Garner bring Phil and Gaye Johnson to Lake Benson Park for a free concert from 5-7 p.m. on June 17. Call 990-1900 for details. \m>I>Art Menius$>

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@bettxt:t-7>Post-punk Rt-11>&B outfit B>The Delta 72$> (pictured above) get their groove on at King's on Wednesday, June 14. With the addition of former Goats member Mark Boyce (keys), the band's current sound features tons of grinding Hammond organ (à la Billy Preston), clavinet, and Nicky Hopkins-esque electric piano (Wurlitzer, of course). Ratty-haired, harp-blowin' frontman Greg Foreman's almost I>boogie$> shout chugs along, garnished with some tasty gospel-chick backing vocals and retro-funk guitar grooves on the band's latest: I>The Delta 72 "000"$> (their third on Touch and Go). These guys probably listen to the Meters and the Bar-kays, imagine they're the Stones and sometimes end up sounding like Crow (Midwestern organ-driven biker dude "heavy" rock band from the late '60s) smothered in gravy. The Delta 72 ain't too proud to beg\m>they I>implore$> you, the audience, to get down with 'em. Call 831-1005 for more infort-7>mation. \m>I>Angie Carlson

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