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Chapel Hill resident Phil Marsosudiro was perusing the Orange County court system's Web site the other day, when something on the introductory "page" caught his eye.

"With 31,000 new court proceedings filed annually in Orange County, the normal routine may appear strangely attracted to the complex edge of order and chaos," the interesting paragraph began. "This web site is an ecology of hypotheses exploring the relationship between the judicial system, local courts and supporting agencies and is presented as an aid to understanding and functioning within the system."

For those inspired by the order-and-chaos concept to boldly go where no citizen has gone before, the Web page ends with this caveat: The cyber site "is not intended to provide legal advice. ... That should be obtained from a qualified attorney."

Among the trivia to be gleaned from the site is the fact that Orange County has two courthouses located across the street from each other in "downtown historic Hillsborough." The older one is a "majestic Greek Revival structure" dating from the 1840s. There's also--to return to the Trek-like track--a "single satellite courtroom" at the Chapel Hill Post Office building.

If they're handing out awards for weird and wacky Web page writing, we'd like to nominate the author of Orange County's site. And Marsosudiro gets one, too, for keen Internet browsing.

To read the page yourself, go to

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