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Battleground North Carolina: The INDY's 2016 Election Endorsements



In less than three weeks, this infuriating, nauseatingly depressing election season will finally come to a close. And—unbelievable though it may sound—there's still a chance that it might have something approaching a happy ending. But that, dear reader, depends on you.

This year, North Carolina is yet again a battleground state. It's possible that the White House will be decided within our borders. So, too, might control of the U.S. Senate. And our gubernatorial race is among the most closely watched in the nation. Beneath those marquee contests lie scores of other pitched battles—the Council of State, the General Assembly, judicial races, county elections, and bond referendums.

The INDY's endorsements are designed to help you navigate through an interminably long ballot. As per usual, we sent out detailed questionnaires to all the candidates in these races. Many responded; some did not. Those responses are available for your perusal on our website.

We make no bones about the fact that we are a progressive newspaper, committed to civil rights and social and economic justice. We believe HB 2 should be repealed, the minimum wage should be increased, the social safety net should be strengthened, schools should be better funded, the wealthy should pay more in taxes, and an unstable racist blowhard shouldn't have his finger anywhere near the nuclear button. Consequently, we tend to endorse progressive candidates—in this state, more often than not Democrats—though we are supporting a handful of Republicans this year.

Elections are won—and the course of history is set—by those who show up. So, please, go vote. This year more than most, our future depends on it.

Our Endorsements

The INDY's Voting Guide

Clinton for President

Ross for U.S. Senate

Cooper for Governor

Mike Morgan for N.C. Supreme Court

U.S. House of Representatives

Council of State

N.C. General Assembly

N.C. Court of Appeals

Superior Court and District Court Judges

Chatham County Board of Commissioners

Durham County Soil and Water Supervisor and Four Bond Referendums

Orange County Schools and Affordable Housing Bonds

Wake County Offices and the Sales Tax Referendum

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