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Special Events

Battle of the Groovy movie series

When: June 8-10 2012

Well, you could go and see Ridley Scott's possible/maybe/sort-of/yes-no Alien prequel, Prometheus. But that might be a roll of the dice, given the mixed reviews so far. Why risk disappointment with a potential summer miss when one can instead imbibe a zesty summer tonic with the recently-announced Battle for the Groovy Movie film series at the Carolina Theatre?

Instead of going in on a sequel/prequel/remake/whatever, catch the originals of Suspiria, the classic weird-ass evil dance school movie, the horror-movie-about-a-horror-movie Demons, the definitive director's cut of the long-unavailable-in-the-U.S.-if-you-didn't-know-someone-with-a-bootleg Battle Royale, and most relevant to Prometheus – 1987's Predator. (Upon noting that The Wire's Idris Elba is in Prometheus, I hoped that character gets killed by aliens, so can he shout, "Go on, mother—" after a bunch of Predators taunt, "YOUR...BOY...GAVE...YOU...UP?" Watch The Wire if you haven't already).

Most importantly, there is a screening of 1985's Gymkata, the film where Olympian Kurt Thomas must battle through a competition with the combined powers of gymnastic and martial arts. You will sure as hell not see that in Prometheus. I mean, who wants to see how the big "Space Jockey" in Alien wound up there anyway? Visit or call 919-560-3030 on the film series, and the many other classic films coming to the Carolina this summer. —Zack Smith

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