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Bass political instincts

Section Eight


When so many bands in this area and across the country are making the occasional political aside, Section Eight is pushing it right to the front, while at the same time creating a glorious, thundering racket.

The Durham band played their first show almost exactly two years ago and finally have a CD coming out. They're joining The Ugglians for a dual CD release party Friday the 13th at the Durham Arts Initiative.

Section Eight's release, Destroy All Who Oppose Us, is overtly political with songs like "Columbine," "CIA" and "Urko Gorilla General."

The band wades through the muck on the low end of the sound spectrum with two bassists, Bill Weaver and Shag Waits, and drummer Pete Netherland, and no guitar. The bass-heavy sound hammers their points home with the force of a lead pipe, recalling the thud of post-Reagan punk-inspired bands. Weaver and Netherland belt out the polemics, slamming the government and the climate of unrivaled greed and imperialism. Weaver pens direct lyrics, but by using metaphors like The Planet of the Apes for the military-industrial complex, adds some humor to his protest-speak.

The CD release party for The Ugglians and Section Eight is Friday, Aug. 13 at the Durham Arts Initiative--downtown at 122 W. Main St. --in the space formerly known as Mr. Shoe.

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