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Moving ahead
I applaud Bob Geary's suggestion for a step in the right direction for Triangle Transit ("Who needs Raleigh?" Jan. 4), but frankly I didn't understand that we the local citizens weren't really shouldering a substantial share of the burden.

Local additional tax support is key to moving ahead. When I moved to the Triangle in 1993 it was pretty hip (and still is), and until a half dozen years ago Charlotte was a dead town. Well, they received the blessing of the state legislature and steamrolled past us with their own transit project. Now Charlotte can proudly point out the gains they have made in developing a hip urban core.

And instead we flounder. On my second point I called to thank Sen. Dole when she came out for the project under the old rules. Then she backpedaled. Being a politician we should have expected this, as she just did with the $1,000 returned in the Abramoff affair. Our junior senator, Burr, at least responds to my queries. In fact, Sen. Dole's office also opens a half hour later (8:30 a.m.) than Burr's. I still communicate with them about issues important to me, naively believing that they might actually listen to me.

Thanks for continued solid coverage of the TTA issues!
Joseph English

Dance company Ailey II is performing at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro on Jan. 20, not the Carolina Theatre in Durham.

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