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Thanks for the writing
In the last several years I have come to look forward to sitting down with the Independent each week when it comes out. The drawing card for me is a desire to read what your Opinion writers have composed. In this, I am speaking most about Hal Crowther and Derek Jennings. The two writers' compositions strike many chords with me, not only with the subjects they address, but with their writing style and eloquence. I admire their attention to communication, expression, composition, humor and sarcasm--their skill and craft. I usually end up ripping out their columns and leaving them on the counter for my wife or kids to see (the latter when they come home from college). Many times have I brought forth one of their pieces at the home dinner table or at a table of friends and wine bottles at Weaver to share and discuss what Crowther or Jennings are saying. It is as much to "hear" how they write as to what is being said. They elevate your paper--say something important to the reader. They need to be encouraged to continue their commentary on the issues of our time and of our community. Their pieces are important and influential, and assign them a weight of responsibility as writers.
James Faber
Chapel Hill

Brothers and sisters
I enjoyed the article about the Lantern Restaurant ("The Lantern Table," Dec. 21). Since they opened I've sold them fruits and veggies. I was very disappointed the article didn't mention that Andrea Reusing's partner is a younger brother. Having partnered up with my older sisters a little and having never observed a restaurant version of this, I was a little enchanted doing some business with them. I've been enjoying their separate personalities and watching their relationship grow. Oh yeah!! and the food is dynamite.
Leroy Goldberg Sr.

Contrary to what we reported Dec. 21, Trekky Records founders Will Hackney and Martin Anderson attended Chapel Hill High School, not East Chapel Hill High School.

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