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Cheshire misleads
In his Nov. 2 movie review column ("Courage under fire"), Godfrey Cheshire makes passing reference to Spielberg's upcoming Munich by calling it a film "about Israeli assassinations of Palestinians." By ignoring the essential reality that this was a retaliatory response to the terrorist assassination of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, he leaves the impression that this was a simple act of Israeli aggression against Palestinians--a notion so far from the truth as to smack of blatant anti-Semitism. He further finds fault with Good Night, and Good Luck for failing to denigrate Edward R. Murrow for his smoking, or to find the "hidden strengths" in Joseph McCarthy.

I have always found Mr. Cheshire to be the archetype of the effete intellectual for whom even his own approval of a film would require it to be labeled hopelessly bourgeoisie. I did not realize that he was also a reactionary and a bigot.
Martin Eagle

Can Fellerath
Fellerath's review of Capote and Everything is Illuminated ("Talk of the town," Oct. 26) requires a simple response: Fire him. The work of criticism requires some capacity for intelligent examination and breadth of taste. Sure, Foer's novel doesn't appeal to everyone, but hey, I laughed out loud half a dozen times and cried once reading Illuminated--I got my money's worth. So Fellerath didn't care for the excerpt in The New Yorker; that's not my complaint about the review. No, it was the line "Upon the evidence of the movie, I don't regret skipping the novel." Huh? That's a line one would expect to hear from, oh, George W. Bush. But W's got bigger things to screw up than mere movie reviews. No one self-indulgent enough to actually write that under their byline should get another chance. Find someone who likes books, likes the idea of indie films, appreciates artists taking chances in art, offers some observations that might even "illuminate" the movies he or she gets paid to review. Free Fellerath to read more Theodor Adorno.
Oren Leblang

Eichenberger's befogged
Please don't get the idea that I don't enjoy reading P. Eichenberger. He's the only reason I ever pick up your god-awful rag. But to be really honest, I laugh at him even as I disagree with where he takes his observations, politically or philosophically speaking. Though he is rightfully disgusted with a lot of things that are really disgusting and repulsive and unbearably awful--and that's what's entertaining about him--he gets mad at the right things for the wrong reasons and, blinded by '60s ersatz agitprop almost but not quite as much as he is befogged by booze, he proceeds to draw "conclusions" that are completely all and undeniably wrong. He's like some sort of alternate dimension Mister Magoo of the bizarro political street. Hilarious. And there is nothing more hilarious than unintended hilarity, so please for me wish Mr. Eichenberger the very best of luck in discovering his own (and so-very-offensive-to-him-personally) Republican/Christian/ right-wing/ku-klux/homophobe "plan nine from outer space." Conspiracies of that sort don't just pop up everyday and I'm real glad Eichenberger is on the job, ferreting out these things and holding the big media's feet to the fire and keeping them up and on top of things and honest. I sleep a whole lot better.
David Saxby

Farmgrown in Hillsborough
Put another veggie in that cornucopia of local farmers' markets" (Oct. 12) by adding the up-and-coming Hillsborough Farmers' Market. The Hillsborough Farmers' Market had a banner year in 2005 and looks forward to the groundbreaking for its own new farmers' market structure, which may be completed in early 2007.

Customers and friends of the Hillsborough Farmers' Market continue to come out on Saturday mornings. Community support has been so good that a group of vendors has agreed to continue holding a farmers' market through November and December on the first and third Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon. It will be at their usual location in downtown Hillsborough in the SunTrust parking lot off Churton Street between King and Queen streets.
Noah Ranells
Agricultural Economic Development Coordinator
Orange County EDC

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