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Some deserve it
In response to "Death Watch: Easley's 20th execution pending this week," by Patrick O'Neill (May 4), I would to say that while there are serious moral arguments to be made against the death penalty, one must remember that some criminals simply deserve to be killed for the crimes they commit. Period. Any adult who murders children deserves no less. The argument that clemency should be granted in such cases is an insult to the intelligence of the living and a sacrilege to the memory of the dead.
Christopher Yahnovich

OK, he's a wingnut
First off, thanks for the info on the Kansas invasion that took place in Durham this week: aka the visit of Mr. Phelps to the Bull City to protest the Durham School of the Arts production of The Laramie Project ("Turn your back on him," May 4). Good job.

But you folks must be crazy, calling this extremist, this terrorist, this wingnut a Reverend. PUH-LEEEZE. Phelps is no reverend regardless of what he claims. The Indy shouldn't be glorifying hatemongering masquerading as religion in this fashion. An extremist Christian is just as destructive as an extremist Muslim.

There are legitimate conservative Christian leaders. Phelps is not one of them. We need to start making distinctions, and say in no uncertain terms, what is simply beyond the pale. The place to start is calling a wingnut a wingnut.
Jim Senter

In a story in the April 27 issue about a bill in the General Assembly to allow higher alcohol content in beer ("Beer bill coming to a head"), the name of Giorgios Hospitality Group was misspelled as was the name of the firm's beverage director, Ken Rosati. Giorgios Hospitality Group runs five restaurants, four in Durham and one in Chapel Hill.

The author for reviews of new releases--the compilation Heard Together and The Rosebuds Unwind EP--was misidentified in last week's music section. The reviews were written by Chris Parker.

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