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Typical Indy
I could have bet and won that the Independent would not like our new Pope Benedict 16 ("Pope 'makes John Kerry look like Attila the Hun'," April 27). The Independent does not like anyone who knows the rules and urges people to live by them.
Bill Olding

Tour de Davis Drive
Peter Eichenberger's capacity to see the world from the other's point of view is less refined than his wonderful rhetorical gifts. Since Peter does not drive (and good for him), he seems to find it difficult to understand why motorists are frustrated with cyclists on the roads ("Raleigh assault on bicyclists getting nasty," April 27). It is easy to rant about our bloated fossil fuel-dependent unsustainable obscene size-preoccupied consumer culture. It is not so easy to consider the possibility that one is in fact part of the problem. If Peter someday has to commute to work and resurrects the '66 440 Sport Fury, I suggest he take note of his feelings when he happens upon 50 spandex-wrapped cyclists in a pack a la Tour de France (those French!) on a two-lane road. If the bikes are coming the other way, cars on that side of the road are swerving into your lane to pass them. If they are on your side of the road, you have the choice of either plodding along at 20 mph and being late to your desk job or swerving into the oncoming lane to pass them. Either way, this is dangerous!

Bikes have a right to be on the road. Republicans have a right to vote. And we have a right to get frustrated when other people exercise their rights in a way that puts us all in jeopardy.
Michael Sandler

Doing his best to figure it out
In response to "Four big lies about Social Security" by Farnum Brown (March 2), I would just like to say that it is not President Bush's fault that the baby boom used up most of this country's Social Security money. He is just a president dealing with a tough era and tough situations. He is only human and can do so much. He was dropped into a difficult situation and is doing his best to figure it out in a way that is best for the United States. That is all. Give the man a break.
Angela Nannetti

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