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Hits and misses
The Indy did a great job publicizing the Fayetteville march and rally in your March 16 issue. Not so in this week's main article covering the event. Dick Reavis is a journalism professor? Pul-eeze! The march was "lead" by a woman playing bagpipes--were they heavy metal, perhaps? And if you're facing north, east is not on your left, nor is west on your right. I was there, and I know where the tables, umbrellas and potties were.

More substantively, the tone of Reavis' article was patronizing, and he minimized the whole event. In reality, the organizers did an amazing job, the crowd was four times the size of last year's, most of us marched, and there was a lot of diversity: not only in age, but in ethnicity, background and home address. I met people from New Hampshire and upstate New York, and that's what I call dedication. The speeches were moving and very diverse in content and tone, and the tables (including ours for the Durham and Orange Bill of Rights Defense Committees) did a lot of good outreach and networking. All in all, it was a great day--a real part of the world we believe is possible and are working toward.

Kudos to the organizers, and next time please ask Fiona Morgan or Barbara Solow to do the job.
Joan F. Walsh

Sorry endorsement
The Independent owes its readership an apology and an explanation. Your endorsement of uber-conservative Bill Fletcher (Indy Endorsements, Oct. 20, 2004) is a violation of the trust and expectations of a community that relies on the Independent for sound, responsible and progressive endorsements. Explain to me this--how do you justify encouraging your readers to vote for someone who doesn't believe in responsible sex ed, who doesn't believe in LGBTQ rights, and who probably doesn't believe a word written in this paper either?

Fortunately, the better candidate, June Atkinson, won last November. Unfortunately, it's spring and I'm writing this letter because Fletcher is currently wasting exorbitant amounts of N.C. taxpayers' money in an attempt to disenfranchise over 11,000 voters across the state. In the meantime, the Department of Public Instruction is left without elected leadership. The Indy has been strangely and painfully silent on this issue. In my opinion, we wouldn't be in this political debacle without your irresponsible endorsement. As a loyal (and disgruntled) reader and concerned citizen, what the hell were you thinking?
Avi Rudnick

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