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Peter and Hunter
Oh, Glen (Graham), you silly, silly man (Back Talk, March 16). Regarding your response to Peter Eichenberger's column on Hunter S. Thompson--you've got it so wrong. Mr. Thompson wouldn't lock Peter in a closet--he'd pull up a stool next to him, knock back a glass of whiskey and ask him for a cigarette (at which point Peter would sneak one from my pack). OK, yeah, sometimes Peter drinks too much. Yeah, sometimes he may see way too much into the comet trail of a jet flying overhead. Oh, and yeah, he did shoot my television set (Rev. Falwell can get mighty annoying after all). But Peter does things, goes places and speaks louder about the beauty and atrocities around us than anyone I know. He does, in fact, carry a big stick--often with a placard at one end pronouncing his disgust of the prejudice and injustice in this world. He not only reflects thoroughly about his experiences, but often, with great pain, reflects on the experiences of the poor, fearful, downtrodden and lost. Peter lives his life with a smirk and a tear and a bicycle incapable of being pedaled backwards. He lives his life to the fullest and speaks for many of us who just don't have the words to express what it is to be a thinking, feeling human being.

You know not of what you speak, Glen, but I do. I was married to him.
Mary McVicker

A recent letter attacking Peter Eichenberger for his column about Hunter S. Thompson left me perplexed (Back Talk, March 16). The writer is clearly annoyed with Eichenberger, but he can't seem to explain what it is about the column that "didn't ring true." I read and reread for his point (I've done the same for Eichenberger from time to time), but nowhere does he argue, refute, challenge or even name any of Eichenberger's ideas that he has labeled "bullshit." Nor does he offer any examples of how it is "painfully evident" that Eichenberger has "little life experience." His hostility is apparent, but his reasoning isn't.

Would it be too much to ask a writer who throws a hissy fit over Eichenberger's style to work on his own just a bit? All that is clear from his letter is that the writer needed to vent spleen, and all that is "painfully evident" is that, unlike Eichenberger, he isn't very good at it.
Joan Troy

The quote on the Front Porch last week incorrectly said that N.C. State men's basketball forward Cameron Bennerman was a freshman. He's a junior.

talk back.
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