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Others accept, too
As a Black Christian lesbian, it was a joy to have my community acknowledged in the article by the Rev. Carl Kenney ("Gays & the Black Church," Jan. 12). However, I was offended by the article. The Rev. Kenney gave the impression that he was the only Black clergy in the area that is openly supportive of Black gays in the Black community. I need to set the record straight.

Even thought the article mainly focused on the treatment of gays in the Black church, there should have been some mention of other options. I was surprised that the Rev. Kenney did not mention the two Metropolitan Community Churches in the area that are Christian-based with an outreach to the LGBT community.

Perhaps it was an oversight. Both churches are lead by two Black Christian ordained lesbian ministers who welcome and embrace the Black LGBT person.

Imani MCC in Durham is lead by the Rev. Wanda Y. Floyd, and St. John's MCC in Raleigh is lead by the Rev. Belva Y. Boone. We may not be the Black church of your childhood, but we are a church that welcomes all of God's children to the table regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class or other discriminatory means.
The Rev. Wanda Y. Floyd

In the print edition of last week's cover story "Gays & the Black Church," the name of the Rev. Carl Kenney was misspelled.

In last week's Triangles story "Paxton may have overpaid for Herald-Sun," the circulation history of The News & Observer in Durham was incorrect. The N&O's circulation in Durham rose in the late 1990s and was 10,334 daily and 12,658 Sunday in 2000. It declined in 2003 by 8 percent from 2002, to 9,049 daily and 11,440 Sunday.

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