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Blessing us out
Congratulations, Independent, for once again picking on Christians. They seem to be one of your favorite targets, and you can't resist whenever you find an entertaining story about some Christian extremist, such as in Peter Eichenberger's "God and country" article (Dec. 15). Well, here's a short biography of another Christian extremist that the Independent will never bother to print:

Raul Liberis is a Christian pastor from Michigan who more than 20 years ago decided to move to Haiti to do mission work. He runs a Haitian orphanage that relies solely on the donations of clothes, food and money from other Christians. Why would he give up the comfort of American life to move to a third-world country? He felt it was his Christian calling. What a pschyo, right, since all Christians are?

This is only one man, but there are thousands of other Christians who have done similar things. I think if you guys are so intent on shooting down Christians, maybe you should not be so biased and fire at extremist Buddhist, Hindu or Islamic figures as well.

Or, even better, try to get over your anti-Christian attitude and find something good to report about them. I bet you won't have to look nearly as hard as you do to find your everyone-laugh-and-point-at-the-silly-Christian stories.
Amber Rockwell

Prague rock
I was thrilled to read Hal Crowther's recent analysis of Prague's 15-year democracy and the enlightening perspective it throws on America's current proclivity toward unenlightenment ("Believing in Miracles," Dec. 22). I lived in the Czech capital from 1999 to 2001 (post Clinton sex scandal and smack dab in the middle of the 2000 election debacle). I found Mr. Crowther's descriptions of the Czech's thirst for irony and the consigned role of the American traveler abroad to be particularly resonant with my experience.

Unfortunately, the 2000 election and the complacency of the American media in leaving the election results thoroughly unchecked marked a notable landside in the already crumbling credibility of America's ability to model effective democracy. Then, the Czech students I spoke with could not believe how Americans could elect and defend the actions of a largely uneducated president with a multitude of suspicious corporate ties while their president, Vaclav Havel--a national hero, not to mention a playwright and philosopher--could not go a day without being scrutinized and debated by the aggressive Prague media.

I was especially appalled upon my return to the States to find the emergence of the Fox News Channel, and could only imagine the look of bewilderment on the faces of my Czech friends if they were ever to witness what now passes for informed reporting in this so-called literate nation.

As corporate interests and values become more prevalent and globally contagious, I fear that the miracles Mr. Crowther once believed to witness in Prague will now seem like nothing more than a mirage.
Patrick Morris

Nothing positive about it
I disagree with your positive spin to George Bush's "re-election" in that he will be gone in 2008 ("Good news, bad news," Dec. 15). GW is just a moronic patsy of the fascist Right Wing. They will groom another shill (such as Arnold "Gropenfuehrer" Schwarzenegger) for the presidential cause in 2008. If the current presidential elections are not overturned due to massive fraudulent actions by the Republicans, they will become so entrenched in all aspects of the U.S. government that any opposition to them in 2008 may only be token.
Jonathan Rivin

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