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Editor's note: We received more than a dozen letters about Melinda Ruley's column "I wish someone else could be boss of the people" in our Nov. 10 issue. Following is a selection.

Not worth it
I spent 20 plus years in the Army ensuring Americans would always retain the right to make a fool of themselves. It is gratifying to see Melinda Ruley doing such an outstanding job ("I wish someone else could be boss of the people," Nov. 10). I returned from Vietnam in 1970, bitter and disillusioned. Ten months later I retired, realizing too many Americans are not worth defending. Ms. Ruley, welcome to the club of Americans Not Worth Defending.
A. Bullock
Sterling, Virginia

What tribe?
Having read the Nov. 10 column by Melinda Ruley, "I wish someone else could be boss of the people," I am hard pressed to recall a more atrocious piece of bile. This is either an attempt to communicate her frustrations and annoyance with the American electoral system and mask it by using her children, thus gaining the sympathy that they would receive had such infantile rantings actually been theirs, or she is actively feeding her children this and using them as proxies. The line "I find it easier to explain the psychology of a suicide bomber than how it is that most Americans like Bush, think he's taking the right course" is insulting to not only American voters, but to Israelis, who have lost hundreds of women and children to such attacks. Would this person care to offer her expertise to stem the flow of blood in the Middle East?

Likening the U.S. war against terrorism, including the campaign in Afghanistan in which several other nations have and still participate, to tribal war is disgusting. To this person, waiting a year to respond is an act of vengeance? Finally, the horrendous reference to the tragic losses on Sept. 11, 2001 as an ending to "Americans being holed up, dimwitted with ignorance and plenty" is obscene. This "columnist" is the only person I'm aware of that dreads a nameless, faceless bogeyman. Most Americans are concerned by the prospect of attacks committed by persons with faces, names and causes. There are sufficient real concerns and fears to occupy us without this crank raving about cave drawings. Since she is reflexively opposed to President Bush and all that he says, does, or whom he is supported by, perhaps she should read a John Kerry speech. He mentioned the war on terrorism once or twice as well. To what "tribe" does this cave artist belong?
Sean Moran

Future hope
I just have to thank Melinda Ruley for her wonderful article! It is rough task to lead children in the right direction without forming their minds--after all, kids follow the tribe and take for granted what Mummy and Daddy say. Her children show me that sometime in the future there is hope after all!
Gudrun Voelker

Differences revealing
I was surprised to see the headline "Heaven Help Us!" on your cover page (Nov. 4). Further, as I read the articles, I realized one of the differences in American politics.

The great people of the heartland, who the Left so deride as the Religious Right, solemnly would recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The Left sued to ban "One Nation Under God"! The Right met in their churches, temples and other holy places to worship at their altars. The Left, in their bastions of academia, to debate the ramifications of the news headline "God is Dead." In their meetings, the leadership of the Right would bow to their knees to urge for their friends to pray for Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton in their time of need. The Left in shrill voices called Bush an idiot and Hitler.

While many in this country prayed and worked for the safety of the U.S. soldiers over in Iraq, the base of the Left stood on a street corner with signs saying the U.S. was guilty of murdering millions of innocent Iraqi children. This same base of the Democratic Party then left one street corner to move to another, where they would demand that not only should every girl over the age of 10 have the right to an abortion, but that the citizens of this country, who work hard to provide a better life for their own families, pay for it and that they were also entitled to a few thousand dollars for having the "courage" to kill their unborn child! All the while the Right prayed at their pews.

Looking at the sea of red sweep across the broken and distanced shores of blue, it became clear to me that God is indeed alive and is very much voting Republican.
Mark Cares
Chapel Hill

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