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Comic review
It's magazines like yours and other media outlets that gave Michael Moore a voice that cost the Democratic Party millions of votes. As a political leader, he's a laughing stock.

It's too bad you dismantled the Comic Review. It would have been a perfect place to run Moore's humorous perspectives. Not many people take Moore seriously. If he continues as a voice for the Democratic Party in 2008, then you all have got big problems.
Buck Parrish

Results ignored
Godfrey Cheshire's analysis of the election results ("Osama is free and laughing," Nov. 4) reflects an astonishing willingness to discard the results of an election. Perhaps he could have been very persuasive in the 1930s when our foundations were weak, but today it serves to reflect his own unwillingness to accept defeat. The idea that there are 59,459,765 delusional voters in the U.S. is the ultimate elitism. Godfrey seems to believe that democracy is grand, as long as his beliefs are validated.

It seems to me that the only solution to his perceived problem with the "agents of predatory plutocracy and bellicose zealotry" would be to eliminate the First Amendment freedoms of the free press and free speech.

Apparently he believes that our form of democracy will not work because the masses are being manipulated and cannot be expected to do otherwise. How is this any different than the familiar communist charge that democracy is the rule of the easily manipulated mob? I think the ability of our democracy to reject the classical elitism that Cheshire seems to believe in is one of our greatest acquirements. Our Founding Fathers would be proud.
Hugh Moore

Jobs and education
In your appraisal of Mike Easley for governor (Indy Endorsements, Oct. 20), you state: "To replace ... lost jobs with new ones that pay ... better ... North Carolina ... must invest heavily in general education and in advanced, specialized training. (This idea has) been the stock and trade of the Democratic Party ... (since) the Dems (had) to compete for votes with the Republicans."

It's not only the Dems. Everyone pulls the education lever when jobs are lost. The problem is that education is not going to restore jobs lost to cheap labor overseas or to cheap labor imported under H1-B or L-1 visas. American workers have to train their replacements in the IT industry, showing that the American workers have the skills and education. The jobs that remain require less education (a programmer becomes a sales clerk).

Free trade is a way of businesses choosing the cheapest labor and choosing when, where and if they'll pay taxes. The cost of clothing in U.S. retail stores will drop, but will be purchased by people on lower incomes. Free trade is a race to the bottom, and education will only produce more people for jobs that have already gone overseas.
Joseph Mack

Choreo clarification
In reference to Byron Wood's recent article "How I've Helped Kill Modern Dance" (Nov. 4), we at Choreo Collective would like to clarify our mission. We are a collective of modern dancers and choreographers interested in exploring the choreographic process. We have chosen, as a collective, to provide the means for individuals to produce work in an environment supportive of both their growth and their artistic autonomy. We do not have artistic directorship. Instead, we provide each other with feedback and support for the editorial process. Individual choreographers set their own artistic standards. We encourage readers to visit for a more complete understanding of how we work.
Bridget Kelly
Choreo Collective

A photo caption last week with the story "A Spy in Chatham County?" incorrectly identified the people in the photograph. They were Amber Harmon and Pedro Reyes-Alonso, the brother of Harmon's husband, Juan Manuel Reyes-Alonso.

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