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Choose life?
Kudos to James Bengel on his assessment of the Accidental President's four-year record of needless death ("First Person," Sept. 22). But Bush's record did not begin at the White House. Which presidential candidate made the Guinness Book of World Records? That's right, former Gov. George W. Bush, the "Texecutioner" who oversaw 152 lethal injections, beating out 49 other states on his five-year watch.

This is his "culture of life"? In reality, a career of death.
Dave Connelly

Smoke screen
It warms my heart to see so many people becoming so actively involved in helping Bob Groves out. There is no shortage of love in this community for people who go out of their way to provide something so rare in our society rife with chain stores and multiplexes. No tragedy can ruin a person if the community has something to do about it.

All the more strange that a handful of people take this opportunity to try to force their ideals down our throats, seemingly trying to hold the future of the Starlite over our heads, placing caveats on their support. Those of us who have been going to the Starlite for years have known about the gun store, and I have never, until recent weeks, seen anyone question it or refuse to attend a movie because of it. So why all of a sudden are we reading these "people should know" letters?

The gun store kept the Starlite open, not the other way around. Certainly not the video store! So when you talk about urging Mr. Groves to close the gun store, you're asking him not to bother rebuilding his screen. You're asking him to give up his living. The fact is that a person has the right to run whatever lawful business he chooses. No amount of statistics change that.

Yes, there is a problem in this country with gun violence. And this an important issue that we're facing right now, what with the assault weapons ban expiring, ongoing, rampant crime in Durham, and an election coming up. It just saddens me that we have to be dragging Bob Groves into the fight when all he wants is a new screen to show movies on.
James Hepler

talk back.
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