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Passion players
Regarding Bob Geary's "Rhinos Are Charging at GOP Forum" (June 30): Mr. Geary, when you say "Yes, and those who try to evolve, and don't follow scripture, can count on their day of reckoning when the primaries come," you miss the most important point of all. These sad SOB's who claim to be "real" Republicans don't follow scripture, either. If they did, they might know that Jesus saved his harshest criticisms for the rich, the publicly over-pious, the hypocritical, and those who used the words and trappings of religion for their own political or financial ends rather than to spread compassion and love. The current incarnation of the "true believers" of the GOP, be it Bush-Cheney and the gang, or Capps and Jones, have nothing in common with the figure they most often cite to rationalize their behavior.

Jesus would toss them head first out of the temple--assuming these "true believers" didn't have him arrested (and crucified) first.
Ian Kleinfeld
Chapel Hill

Due to an editing error, several references to the N.C. Sustainable Energy Association were incorrectly attributed to the State Energy Office.

Mark Ginsberg is executive director of the Sustainable Energy Association, and it is the association that is working to convince the General Assembly to create a statewide clean energy fund and a renewable electricity standard and is trying to allow owners of renewable energy systems to connect to the power grid. The association also helped organize "Renewable Energy for Economic Development Day" at the General Assembly.

Part of the story also was omitted. The entire story can be read online at

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