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The mayor rebuts
Was Mr. Burtman's article, "Schoolyard Slugfest" (June 16), an attempt at comedy or an attempt at a factual story? As Mayor of Hillsborough, I take exception to Mr. Burtman's interpretation of events of which he did not witness.

A year ago, the Independent ran a story saying that I was a member of Friends of Hillsborough. Later, I contacted the Independent to inform them that I was not a member and they printed a retraction. Had Mr. Burtman taken the time to call he would have found out that I'm still not a member. That fact, along with other inaccuracies in his opinion-based editorial, makes me wonder why someone would risk tarnishing their reputation in the field of "journalism" with such irresponsible reporting.

Mr. Burtman identified everyone but "The Town Official." Why won't the "Town Official" take credit for painting our great town in such a negative light?

Mr. Burtman forgot to mention that a current Hillsborough "Town Official," Mr. Hallman, whose wife (Elizabeth Woodman) sits on their board of directors and is an investor in the publication, according to past editions of the Independent. He also forgot to mention that planning board member Barrie Wallace is a friend of Woodman's and was an apparent supporter of Hallman and even co-founded a special interest group with Hallman. Mentioning those facts would certainly have explained why Mr. Burtman felt so inclined to author a negative editorial about Hillsborough and its citizens, but probably would not have helped his overall intent.

As mayor, I want everyone to know that Historic Hillsborough is one of the nicest and quaintest towns around. Rather than accepting Mr. Burtman's demonizing comments of our town as "gospel," I would invite you to visit Hillsborough and see just how great it is.
Mayor Joe Phelps
Town of Hillsborough

Ill communication
Reference the recent article "Over the Counter OD," (June 16) Mr. Barbera's problem isn't pseudoephedrine. His problem is that he took at least three times the recommended dose of anything, then added cold medicine and painkillers, and didn't tell any of the health professionals about it! Foolish boy.
Bill Olding

The EatBeat column about fish in last week's issue ("One Fish, Two Fish, No Fish," June 16) had an incorrect byline. It was written by David Auerbach.

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