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From Virginia
Your article on the state of our nation, "With Trembling Fingers," was forwarded to me by a friend last night. I have read it twice and sent it on to friends and family. Thank you for stating with such clarity but also passion what so many of us feel about our country.

My one issue with you is that you failed to mention all that Dennis Kucinich has been doing to bring the nation to sanity. For some reason you mention only Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Byrd--but to my knowledge neither of them has taken the principled stands taken by Dennis, who is the Democrats' best hope for influencing the party's platform and Kerry.

My daughter and her family live in Garner and are moving to North Raleigh in a month, and I will make sure they know about your publication.

Thank you again. I plan to continue to pass that article along to pro- and anti-Bush friends and family.
Linda Swanson
Reston, Virginia

From Long Island
In "With Trembling Fingers," Hal Crowther refers to "...George Bush and his lethal team of oil pirates, Cold Warriors and Likudists..."

Sen. Hollings of South Carolina recently wrote, "With Iraq no threat, why invade a sovereign country? The answer: President Bush's policy to secure Israel. ...Spreading democracy in the Mideast to secure Israel would take the Jewish vote from the Democrats." He then referred to the powerful Jewish lobby and their friends in congress as the driving forces behind Bush's policy and named Jewish administration officials Wolfowitz and Perle and columnist Charles Krauthammer.

I am but one of the tens of thousands of American Jews who abhor Bush's policies as much as does Mr. Crowther--still I get very, very nervous when I see a picture being painted of a Jewish, behind-the-scenes conspiracy cleverly manipulating America's leaders.

I hope Mr. Crowther's use of the term "Likudists" actually refers to all those in the Bush team who readily endorse Likud policy, rather than the more noxious claims stated explicitly by Sen. Hollings that Jews actually control the administration's foreign policy. (How ironic that as of this writing, the object of Mr. Crowther's ire, Ariel Sharon, has actually failed to win Likud support for his Gaza initiative.)

Many Americans know little about Jews and Jewish culture. Antisemitism is still a troubling fixture in our culture. Lots of American Jews are convinced that Israel's current leadership is mistaken in throwing its lot in with Bush's winner-take-all gamble. I urge Mr. Crowther to be very clear when he uses the term "Likudists" so that he does not appear to be reinforcing the stereotypical view of those who are inclined to see "the evil Jew" secretly running the world.
Howard Title
Great Neck, New York

From Arizona
What a powerful and devastating picture. My fingers, and all the rest of me, were trembling as I read your piece. What an excellent and soul searing description of our times and leaders. Keep on telling it like it is! Perhaps America will wake up before the genocide and enslavement and salt spreading is adopted as official policy.
Jesse Barr
Winslow, Arizona

From Seattle
A friend sent me hardcopy of Hal Crowther's "With Trembling Fingers." A finer synopsis of today's mess has not been written.
Jim Fox

From Louisiana
Hal Crowther's devastating critique of Bush's war in Iraq captures my own smoldering rage at what this administration has done in Iraq. The Bush administration has trashed the reputation of the United States around the world. They have dragged us through the dirt, and left us dirty for all the world to see. To my eternal shame, I voted for George Bush, but never again. People tell me that Kerry is aloof, elitist, that they just don't connect with him. This pales in comparison to the havoc wreaked by Bush. If you believe Bush is the best man for the job, then vote for him. You will deserve what you get. Unfortunately, if he is elected, we will all pay a heavy price.
June Butler
Thibodaux, Louisiana

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