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Save us Clear Channel!
Members of the Durham City council, I urge you to build the proposed downtown perfomring arts center (to be run by Clear Channel Communications) with all possible speed.

We in Raleigh have long had to endure hoots of derision from our friends in Durham and Chapel Hill as our "Entertainment and Sports Arena" (also paid for with taxpayer money and run by a giant out-of-state corporation) complex lost money, shafted trade unions, refused to open its accounting books, soaked customers for every possible cent and generally proved itself to be a costly waste of space. We look forward to having Durham join our club of unhappy taxpayers rooked out of necessary and already established city entertainment venues by greedy corporations and a council either too inept to see the true desires of the citizens or too eager to pander to big business.

Please, continue to neglect the Carolina Theatre and the Arts Council. Let the Armory rot. Then we can stop hearing about the "rebirth of downtown" from our Durham neighbors once and for all.
Jason M. Sullivan

Design distinction
I would like to comment on a recent article "Fashionably State," in the May 5 Independent. The article was about the NCSU student produced "Art to Wear" show, sponsored by the Annie Albers Scholars. There were 14 designers who contributed to the planning and production of the show as well as many others who helped with set-up, planning and other important issues. The show would not have happened without the direction and patience of Professor Vita Plume.

The comments reported by writer olufunke moses about the two departments do not reflect the opinions of all of the designers in the show. The College of Textiles was referred to in a quote as "bland" and it was also stated that, "they don't teach us how to do these things, so everything about fashion design we pretty much teach ourselves." I have to disagree with both of these statements. The College of Textiles is an international leader in innovative textile design, research and development and does teach several classes on pattern making and construction. They also have labs full of sewing machines. At the College of Design students learn a lot about form, line, and the design process in many materials, not just textiles. The textile studios at the College of Design teach an immense amount about dyeing, printing, technique, and yes, some construction.

It is not always an easy task to find a common ground between the more abstract world of art and design and the technical scientific world of Textiles. The success of the "Art to Wear" show is proof that this partnership is working. I hope in the future more opinions will be sought before publishing statements that are not truly representative of the program.
Kilara Little
Annie Albers Scholar

Thanks, Hal
BRAVO to Hal Crowther! His column "With Trembling Fingers" (May 12) is by far the best thing I've read on the state of our nation--I'll be passing it along to everyone on my email list.
Lora Moore
Nashville, Tenn.

Last week's summer movie preview included the incorrect e-mail address for the Trailer Park Fest in August. Interested filmmakers can contact the organizers at and information about the fest is located at .

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