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Mr. Bumann's 'hood
Thanks so much for Rah Bickley's piece, "My neighbor, Ed Bumann," (March 25). I didn't know him well, even though he came in our shop frequently, but now I feel as if I did. He was the kind of guy who gives Durham its special flavor. As the Triangle grows with the arrival of outside folks (some from the West, like me, not the North), I hope we recognize our responsibility to participate with our neighbors as he did, so we don't dilute this special sense of community beyond all recognition.
John Bloedorn

More funky stuff
The picture of Big Funk ("Greetings from Big Funk," Jan. 28) was taken by Andy Berlin. He was the editor of the 1970 Chanticleer (the Duke yearbook) even though he was only a sophomore at the time. His yearbook was quite a departure from the traditional book and caused controversy when it was published. Andy is now the CEO of Berlin Cameron, recently cited by Advertising Age as its Ad Agency of the Year for doing $700 million worth of business.

Many of the people in the picture still live in this area.

Seeing Andy's picture made me remember and miss the spirit and sense of community that I think we all felt.
Gail Boyarsky
Chapel Hill

A story in last week's Triangles section gave an incorrect number for the Teen Talk program run by Planned Parenthood. The correct number is 929-5402 x 42.

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