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Fighting real sin
Thanks to Melinda Ruley for her honest article "Pecking Order" (Jan. 28). I appreciate her providing criticism, not only of the yokels of Selma, but of the privileged, educated Triangle readers, and herself as an objective, knowing journalist. Ruley shows very powerfully at the end that the sin of racism is not a dead, foregone abstract, but a real beast that resides in our minds and souls.

We can see that fighting racism and racist policies begins not only with the tolerance exhibited by neighbors Mike and Diane Miller, but also in the fight to reform systems of racism that disregard the Mexican consulate matricula, detain hundreds of Muslims without trial, and that regulate millions of African Americans to second class status. Durham itself sees a heavy attrition of African Americans, through violence, imprisonment, and the economic draft. All transformation begins from within, but finds its fruition in relations to others.
Bill Gural

Don't stop the cameras
Fiona Morgan's report about the opposition against "... red-light cameras" (Jan. 28) lists valid legal, procedural and financial downsides by Will Raymond. However, the guiding reason for the installation of these cameras is the lack of compliance with red lights at intersections. The cameras create an intimidation for drivers who now obey the warning and thus avoid an accident. This increase in traffic safety outweighs many counter-arguments.
Dr. Rolf Semmelbauer

talk back
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