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Class dismissed
It is amazing to me that no one is mentioning the one word that seems to be driving the merger debate: class. While Chapel Hill parents describe possible busing and funding problems as motivations for their visceral reactions to the merger proposal, I feel that classism is the real reason Chapel Hill parents are so opposed to the merger ("Circling the (Volvo) wagons," Nov. 12).

Having been exposed to the snobbery and elitism of many Chapel Hillians, it is no surprise that many upper-middle class city residents do not want their ivy-bound, preppy kids from the subdivisions going to school with poorer children from the county. Most Chapel Hill residents are far too liberal minded to discuss their prejudices in public, but that does not mean that these sentiments are not there. We progressive Chapel Hillians should live up to our ideals and provide equal educational opportunity for all members of Orange County.
Ben Lazarus
Chapel Hill

More good, please
I am a 71-year-old woman who seldom sees anything of interest in your publication, that is until I saw the Nov. 26, 2003 issue. The Citizen Awards 2003 surely are an exception. I applaud you for letting us know some people who are making a difference in this area of the state. Certainly there must be many, many more. I wish you would highlight one person and/or organization at least once a month; more often would be even better. We already see too much of the dark side and reading about people such as those you introduced us to in the aforementioned issue gives us hope that the planet is "not going to hell in a handbasket." So please give us more of the good.
Doris Williams

talk back
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