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Know your enemy
I didn't pay much attention to certain people in the national media when they made the pronouncement that Maryland has supplanted North Carolina as Duke's opposite in the best rivalry in the world of college basketball. But I'm a little disappointed that longtime ACC observer Barry Jacobs would fall for that ignorant assertion in his article previewing the upcoming season ("Back in Blue," Nov. 12).

Jacobs writes: "Since (Dean) Smith's retirement, the Duke-Carolina rivalry has been surpassed by the Blue Devils' grudge matches with Maryland." I have talked to a lot of people about this subject and have yet to meet a Duke fan who would rather see the Blue Devils beat the Terps than the Heels. Carolina is Carolina. It's still the Evil Empire. And a couple of down years is not going to change that for folks around here. It's going to take a decline on the level of Duke football for this rivalry to lose any of its luster for anyone who wears either shade of blue.
Keith Waters

Unbalanced at the fair
It is disappointing that the Independent chose to publish Bill Page's interpretation of events at the State Fair's Democratic Booth without also consulting the Dean volunteers ("Dean's Blue Ribbon Team," Oct. 29). Most journalists believe in airing both sides, the rest work for Fox News.

It is even more disappointing that Mr. Page believes a Democratic Party booth should go "the way I want it to." There's a word for what happens when one man's wishes are trumped by the desires of the majority, it's called "democracy."
Ian Millihser
Coordinator, Duke Students for Howard Dean

talk back
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