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Disgruntled Democrat
I volunteered at the N.C. Democratic Party booth at the State Fair. I was one of the Dean supporters who Bill Page complained about having to deal with in "Dean's Blue-Ribbon Team" (Oct. 22).

In the few hours I was there, I saw no re-positioning of candidate materials. I even spent half of my time handing out Edwards' stickers.

I am new to politics and campaigning. I was under the impression that the Democratic Party would welcome new supporters and volunteers, especially in a state struggling to elect Democratic candidates.

Instead, Bill Page has taken to the pages of The Independent to criticize the volunteers and complain about the large numbers who signed up to give up their spare time to work for the party.

If the party keeps up this plan of attack, Bill and the boys will have it back to business as usual next year with too few volunteers to fill the slots.
Jeremy Falcone
Chapel Hill

Get with it, Hal
In these times of fascism, I've come to appreciate Hal Crowther's pieces more than I have before. He is highly insightful about many things and is an excellent writer--but damn, I wish he would get over his pernicious sexism! This week (Oct. 15) he took to task three right-wing celebs who all deserve it mightily, but only one of them got HER appearance (face, build, dress) dragged into the mire. "Telebimbo," indeed. I suppose he thought that reference was OK because (he says) a woman said it first.

And he threw in at least two bad ol' male pseudogenerics: "in a republic where the average citizen could think for HIMself" and "a liberal, relieved of HIS baggage, is just someone who tries to be generous and fair." Excuse me, but I'm a citizen and left of liberal (progressive, thanks) and I highly resent the exclusion!

I also doubt Barbara Ehrenreich appreciates being "admired" for being "feisty." How about simply brave, intrepid, or courageous? Crowther's effect on folks' political awareness could be vastly enhanced if he could get over it when it comes to women and people who are not straight. Is he too old to change? (Let me hasten to add I'm of a similar vintage.) How 'bout it, Hal?
Joan F. Walsh

Check the facts
While I agree with nearly all of Hal Crowther's points in his column "The Kids Are All Right" (Oct. 15), it would help his points if all of his facts were correct.

ESPN does not broadcast "Monday Night Football" (its parent company, ABC, does), so Rush Limbaugh couldn't be in the "Monday Night Football" broadcast booth. It's well known that Al Michaels and John Madden are the announcers in the booth on Monday nights.

Limbaugh was a member of the broadcast team for ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown," the network's Sunday pre-game show.

No matter how wrong Limbaugh was, Crowther's points could have been made more clearly had The Independent's fact-checkers caught this mistake. Keep up the good work.
Matt Bowers

Liberal 'compassion'?
Hal Crowther's article "The Kids are all Right" (Oct. 15) was over the top. You are the typical conservative-bashing liberal we have all grown tired of. I would think that you would know better. The best-selling books on the market do not reflect your point of view but those of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. I would much rather my child be an independent thinker like most conservatives as opposed to an elite media brainwashed robot like most liberals. If a child shows any sign of being conservative, more power to them as they certainly don't see that point of view in the mainstream media.

I was not shocked by your quote "liberals shivered with delight when his bum's rush was accelerated by his admission that he's addicted to..." This is the perfect example of the liberals' "compassion." Only when it applies to your ideology. What a joke. I will never pick up another Independent and I will pass this on to my many friends who think the same. INDEPENDENT!
Denise Murray
Chapel Hill

The endorsements in the Chapel Hill Town Council race (Oct. 29) incorrectly said Town Council member Jim Ward had previously been endorsed by The Independent. He had not. It also incorrectly said he voted for UNC-Chapel Hill's first plan to build a chiller plant and parking decks on campus; he voted for continuing the discussion.

The endorsements in the Hillsborough Town Commissioners race incorrectly attributed a quotation to Mayor Joe Phelps. It was Town Board member Mike Gering who said the group Friends of Hillsborough is "a public mouthpiece for Paul Newton and Brian Lowen."

Part of the Hillsborough Town Commissioners' endorsements were omitted from the Oct. 29 issue because of a production problem. The complete endorsement can be read at /durham/2003-10-29/cover.html.

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