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Choosing sides on Cherry
It is unfortunate Durham's search team chose to ignore Philip Cherry's previous work history in Rockford, Ill. ("Angry Voices Rising Over Durham Library Director," Sept. 10). As someone who knows some of the Rockford principals mentioned, I take anything Philip Cherry says with a grain of salt. Am I surprised long-time employees of Durham's library system are leaving? No. In fact, I would be surprised if it didn't happen, given Mr. Cherry's style of management.

I see Mr. Cherry started his position in Durham July 8, 2002. By my calculations, he's coming up on 15 months. Time to move on.

I'm offended by Durham County Commissioner Joe Bowser's assertion that Cherry's dismissal from the directorship here was race-related. On what basis does Bowser make this accusation? Statements such as this do more to harm race relations than anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Cherry was dismissed from his position because he did more harm than good. And now Durham is seeing first-hand his management style.
Dave Emmons
Rockford, Ill.

I came to know Philip Cherry while he was the library director in Hickory, and always found him extremely accessible, innovative and capable. As your article pointed out, in a short time in Hickory he helped usher in two new libraries, instituted then-revolutionary Smart Card technology and brought the system into the computer/Internet age. Those are no small feats for a relatively small-town library system. I hope and trust that he can fix whatever problems confront the Durham libraries, as well.
Jon Goldberg
Chapel Hill

Getting it (or not)
My wife and I recently visited our children in your area and picked up a copy of the Indy. Reading your editorial, ("We Still Don't Get It," Sept. 10) was reassuring to me. At times, the last two years, we have felt like we must be idiots. No one else seems to see the folly of the path our country has taken. We don't seem to see that the handful of evil men who attacked our country won their war. Look at the devastation to our economy, the fear, the lowering of our national standards. Look at my fear to speak out to my friends and family because of their reaction.

I don't pretend to know the answers to this mess. One thought is that those of us who are Christians should perhaps think more of Christ's teaching about forgiveness, and less of about the Old Testament "eye for an eye" revenge. "Eye for an eye" certainly has not solved the hatred in the Middle East in thousands of years.

My other thought is that, as Americans, our biggest challenge remains campaign finance reform. I fear our country will crumble under its own weight if we continue to elect officials sold to the highest and richest bidder.

Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for your spot-on editorial.
Tony Cook
Seagrove Beach, Fla.

I read with some amusement your article in the UpFront section of The Independent ("We Still Don't Get It," Sept. 10). Your reasoning for President Bush taking the war to Iraq is ridiculous (distract from economy, Enron, private-sector experience) and the assertion that Bush and Blair lied is irresponsible. It is apparent that you cannot grasp the complicated nature of this issue, and by choosing simple childish positions you insult and misinform your readers.
Greg Spraker
Wake Forest

We love Eichenberger
I really enjoyed Peter Eichenberger's column ("The Color of Death," Sept. 10). He showed the sadness of the situation and the pain of all the people Kathleen Peterson left behind. Thanks again for such a sensitive article. Eichenberger is doing an outstanding job.
M.F. Morris

Man oh man! Someone just posted Peter Eichenberger's articles on the CourtTV Peterson forum ("Peterson on Trial," weekly). He's done some powerful writing. I think he is my new idol. Just as the icons of the trial have crept into his brain, he's slipped them into mine as well.

I'd like to see him write about the cat picture juxtaposed with the sister's testimony about spritzing the picture and then having the diluted blood running down her arm. I'm not one to readily give compliments, but Eichenberger has an incredible talent!
Judi Tyler
Royal Oak, Mich.

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