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Fellerath fan
Other than the event listings, I have only one reason why I pick up The Independent every week: the contributions by David Fellerath. His articles are incisive, insightful and stimulating, his language elegant, yet to the point. His ideas are surprising in their depth, they make you think, make you see a new side you had not been able to see before.

An example: I had seen the movie Man on the Train, and only afterwards picked up The Indy of June 11, with Fellerath's article, "Trouble and Its Double." He made me relive the movie, understand it on a new level, and he enriched my perception of it.

His reports from Colorado and Florida, among others, gave us deep insights into two elements of our increasingly complex society. Similarly, in "The Real Red Pill"(July 30), his juxtaposition of Planet Boom and Planet Earth movies hits home. I feel this transcends journalism and becomes literature.

Then, of course, his movie capsules are gems of decisive thinking. They are so well written, so witty, so perceptive, I read and re-read all of them, old and new, in every issue of The Independent. Through a movie experience, I know David personally and appreciate his unassuming ways. He is enriching all of us.
Helmut Brunar

Sodomites united
I don't understand why most articles about the Supreme Court's recent sodomy ruling refer solely to "gay" or "homosexual" sex ("First Person," July 30). Sodomy law in North Carolina (along with Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Utah and Virginia) includes oral sex between heterosexual couples in the definition of this "crime against nature". In short, if you've given or received fellatio or cunnilingus you are guilty of a Class I felony. This certainly includes me and I'll bet it includes most of the members of the NC Legislature and judiciary. Certainly homosexuals have had the most to fear from prosecution and persecution under this law, and thus theirs is the collective sigh of relief that the nation's press is reporting. But I'm relieved too--one more idiotic law that banned peaceful, loving, joyous and perfectly civilized activity has been struck down.

I wish I'd known it was illegal; I'd have enjoyed it more.

P.S. A summary of N.C. sodomy law with relevant case numbers:

A history of N.C. sodomy laws:
Philip Semanchuk

Patriot's perspective
In reference to "Counter Intelligence," (cover story, July 30), I just wanted to let you know that you have every ounce of support from me that I can offer. I too, have been a subject of the "Patriot Act" patriots, mainly because of the work my company does. It happens, and should not. The U.S. is beginning to make me yearn for good old, honest Russia, who admitted they were monsters.
Christopher Wagers
Lake Oswego, Ore.

The wrong caption ran with Robert Olason's drawing of the Michael Peterson trial in last week's issue. The drawing showed District Attorney Jim Hardin questioning Durham Police investigator Dan George as he walked the jury through the crime scene video.

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