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Quiet meal
I really enjoyed your column on the Diner's Bill of Rights. I thought I was alone in some of my opinions, but it appears that at least one person agrees with me. For instance, I am also not interested in knowing my "server's" first name. More than likely I will forget it as soon as he or she walks away from the table. I'm probably not going to follow up dinner by asking for a date.

Who came up with this idea in the first place? It had to have been one of those "friendly, neighborhood" restaurant chains which, in my opinion, do not set the standard that fine restaurants should strive for. Once at Capper's at North Hills, the young man waiting on my wife and I felt compelled to squat down (so that we could be at eye level I surmise) to take our orders. He got so friendly I thought that he was going to ask to come home with us or, perhaps, try to interest us in his latest multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.

All I want from a waitperson is courtesy, reasonably prompt service, and the desire to make things right. I was a bartender while in college---those three attributes served me well and I imagine they still work today. I don't mind grating my own cheese or grinding my own pepper. If the dish is better with parmesan cheese, have the chef add it or put it on the side. Don't take up my time and the waitperson's by making a big, boring, ridiculous show.

What happened to the idea that the best service is invisible? I wish

restaurant owners would remember or relearn that parable and instruct their waitstaffs to cut out the foolishness. Give people what they want--a good atmosphere to dine in and as much privacy as possible.
–Jerry Phelps, Chatham County

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