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Star struck
I'm writing to you about the article titled, "For the Boys" by David Fellerath in the May 29-June 4, 2002 issue of The Independent.

What the heck is Mr. Fellerath thinking??!! Episode II is a great movie! Mr. Fellerath is putting down a chapter in nearly the best saga in the world! He's saying it's just a flashy movie with no real acting and that George Lucas is some snob who can do anything he wants! Really, George Lucas is a great man. If you think of the first Star Wars movies, he practically built up the visual effects from scratch! Now, is it wrong for him to make what he built up from scratch even better? Mr. Fellerath is just looking at the special effects saying, "Oh, boring, this is a bad movie." He's looking at Episode II as one movie--actually, it is just one chapter in the huge saga of Star Wars. In my opinion, Star Wars is just one really, really big movie! Mr. Fellerath's doing exactly what the critics did to Episode I; but, if you ask the fans, they say Star Wars is great, no matter which movie. Episode II is a good movie, and when you look at it as a part of the bigger picture, it makes it even better. Plus, Episode II makes the whole saga better.

And what's with this character criticism? Mr. Fellerath's saying they're trying to be witty, but "there's no room for wit, irony or silliness." Again, he is only looking at the characters in Episode II versus the characters within the entire saga. For example, the character, Obi-Wan, is truly a witty man, so why can't he say the things that he says in Episode II?

Mr. Fellerath is trying to put down something nearly everyone loves. All he needed to say was "this movie stinks," instead of wasting space in your newspaper! But, guess what? Episode II, The Attack of the Clones, is a great movie and I could've said just that instead of writing this letter.

P.S.: And just because I'm 11 years old, it doesn't mean that I don't have a right to my opinion.

In "The Others," (Trotline, May 22) we quoted the executive director of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina, who is Sean Haugh, not Sean Hughes. The Independent regrets the error.

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