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Photo faux pas?
Given the inflammatory photo gracing the cover of Jan. 16's Independent, I was pleasantly surprised to find Jon Elliston's companion story on the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) to be an accurate, balanced piece of journalism. Thanks are due at least to Mr. Elliston for his even-handed description of the organization's internal schism here in North Carolina.

The Independent's photo editor, on the other hand, ignored journalistic rules of objectivity and deliberately selected a cover shot meant to incite the public against all factions of the SCV from the get-go. Reader and newsstand passerby alike are assaulted by a big ol' stereotypical bubba carrying a Mississippi State flag. Mississippi flag? Yes, but I'd wager not here in North Carolina. Nor, might I add, is there anything about the subject's person indicating SCV membership. If editorial motives weren't incendiary, why was such an unappealing, irrelevant and questionable ambassador chosen for North Carolina's SCV?

Reform liberalism
Bob Geary's devotion to Dan Blue is touching. His patronization of Cynthia Brown is shameful ["True Blue," Jan. 23].

The role of liberals, and that's what Dan Blue is, as a counterbalance to reaction, slipped into the past with the theft of the 2000 elections. The judicial coup was consolidated after Sept. 11, and we are now living in a society that blindly marches to militarization. "Liberal" is now re-gressive, not pro-gressive, a blind collaboration in the fiction that we are a society of law. We are not.

In 2001, the Supreme Court wiped its ass with the law. A campaign of systematic disfranchisement failed to deliver the American state to the energy oligarchs. The Supreme Court gave it to them anyway. We now live in a lawless state. It abrogates treaties, defies international law, suspends the constitution, expands the panoptic police state. Liberals go along.

What's left for this system to pillage of the planet and its people is now a sullen sea of misery and nihilism. Liberals, in their innocent faith, are a pitiable anachronism. There is nothing to "reform," unless we can have "reformed" murder, "reformed" theft, "reformed" extortion. A criminal class now pilots the foundering ship of the imperial state. Reform? Better we throw them off the helm, and begin a radical restructuring.

Bob Geary patted Cynthia Brown on the head. But she tells the truth.

The global economy is a giant Ponzi scheme, and the oligarchs will soon begin a merciless attack on the U.S. working class. The Bush war is about domination of the world's energy supply. The system is committing ecocide.

The elections are now about organizing, about building popular power, not just for voting booths, but for the street. That's a lot more than "making a lefty statement." Cynthia Brown is a candidate, and a catalyst.

GS rules?
I had just sat down to flip through The Independent to see what was going on in Raleigh this weekend when I came across an article talking about Glenwood South [Casa, Jan. 30]. I was really excited to see that our little neighborhood was, once again, getting recognized. I was even more thrilled that my front porch was pictured in your publication and my American flag was boastfully portrayed. I think that, through your photographs, our couple little blocks in downtown Raleigh were shown as a great place to live. However, I think that the article did not do such a tremendous job in proving downtown living, especially Glenwood South, is a uniquely superb way of life. I must admit that it is not for everyone, but I do think that GS offers a wide range of accommodations for a variety of people.

Your article that we do not have any access to everyday necessities, such as groceries, dry cleaning, book stores, and convenient stores. We walk to work, ride bikes to school and have access to over 15 restaurants and bars. We have places to get our haircut, we can walk to museums, and we have parks, countless antique stores, and many art galleries. Who can beat that? The only thing we have to get the car out of the garage for is to travel one easy mile to get to Cameron Village to go grocery shopping. In fact, if you want a good bottle of wine, a hard-to-find case of beer, a good magazine or even just a pack of cigarettes you can walk four blocks up the street to The Circle Mart. We have everything, and I mean everything, right here at our convenience and we don't have to drive to get it!

So North Raleigh residents, Garnarians, and all those folks in Cary: You can keep your hustle and bustle. Y'all do not have to cry for us because we are doing OK down here on Glenwood South. This is the most alive, most exciting, and most friendly place to live in Raleigh and we welcome you to continue to visit us!

Gail Peter Borden, a writer featured in last week's Casa issue, is not a registered architect. He is an architecture professor and a designer. Also, in David Fellerath's article about Glenwood South, an editing error obscured a point about a proposed luxury condo tower on North Boylan Avenue. The sentence should have read, "However, architect Ted van Dyk points out that his design includes a subterranean parking deck, in accordance with the New Urbanists' aversion to visible parking lots."

talk back
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