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Arunava (Ron) Sanyal

Candidate for U.S. House


Name as it Appears on the Ballot: Arunava (Ron) Sanyal

Date of Birth: June 20, 1949

Campaign Web Site:

Occupation & Employer: Regulatory affairs/ Quality Assurance

Work Phone: 919-297-8466 Work Phone: 919-757-2459 Cell Phone: 919-757-2459


Twitter handle, if applicable: @ronsanyal

1. If elected to the House, what is your highest priority for the next Congress? Please discuss what you would do to help it be achieved.

Highest Priority is Jobs/Jobs/jobs. We need to encourage entrepreneurial endeavors. Provide tools. skills &training to Welfare recipients so that they can lift themselves up from Welfare to self- reliance.

2. Some House candidates favor term limits and pledge, if elected, to limit the number of terms they will seek? Is that a good idea? Will you, if elected, impose terms limits on yourself?

There is no reason to limit Terms. If you don’t perform, the Voters will decide if he or she will be re- elected.

3. As a result of Citizens United and related factors, so-called “dark money” is pouring into American political campaigns without voters knowing where it came from. Do you favor or oppose measures to require that contributors be identified when their money is used to pay for political ads and other activities?

The contributor must be identified. There should be clear transparency for the Voters for Fair Election process. Money corrupts the candidates!

4. The American economy is not producing enough jobs for everyone who wants one, especially not enough jobs that pay enough to support a family. Conservative critics say the reason is too much federal spending which crowds out private investment. Critics on the left say there’s not enough public investment in job-producing sectors, while private capital is flowing to other countries. Where do you come down on this issue?

It should be a partnership between Govt, Private Sector, Universities, Churches, Chamber of Commerce & Private Foundations (GATES) & Entrepreneurs. Team work is needed to create jobs & willing to work!

5. Do you support increasing the federal minimum wage? If so, to what amount? And should it be indexed for inflation?

Absolutely! I agree with minimum $10.10 or higher (Gradually increasing with cost of living Index). I agree with minimum $10.10 or higher (Gradually increasing with cost of living Index).

6. On the Affordable Care Act, what should the next Congress do? Repeal it? Change it? If so, how?

Congress should support the law of the Country! It is one of the best thing ever happened. Fine tuning can be done with the feed back from the customers. Every new process has room to improve.

7. Should undocumented immigrants be offered a path to citizenship? If so, what requirements would you impose? How should the law treat undocumented young adults and children who’ve grown up in the U.S. after being brought here by their parents?

First identify the group who intends to stay in USA & Work. Second, Give them work permit to seek jobs & pay FEDERAL & State Taxes. Apply for GREEN card. After obtaining the Green Card, they have to wait 5 years to apply for citizenship (Like any other legal Immigrants). It is only fair to give them a road map to US Citizenship!

8. Do you think climate change is a serious, even urgent problem? Do you think human beings are causing it? What environmental policies should the U.S. adopt to combat climate change, if any?

It is important to take preventive action. Early prevention & education on Global warming may bring all of us together on this issue. Should be a Priority!

9. Is it time to pass a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to protect the rights of LGBTQ people in the workplace?

Absolutely! Positively!

10. Should union organizing be facilitated by changes to labor laws, including the proposed Employee Free Choice Act (ECRA)?

Labor Union is a good thing. They protect the Fairness of the Employees.

11. Do you support or oppose increasing tax rates on the wealthy, either to reduce federal debt or as part of a package to raise money for public investments and/or cut taxes for the middle-class?

Every Citizen (RICH OR POOR) should pay TAXES appropriate to their earnings.

12.What do you think of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s idea of expanding Social Security benefits as private pensions become less and less common?

Expanding Social Security Benefits is positive idea. They have earned & paid throughout their working life. We should respect our senior Citizens and give them the dignity they deserve.

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