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Annual Manual 2006

Games people play


Bike polo players celebrate a goal at a recent match played in a Triangle parking garage. - PHOTO BY DEREK ANDERSON
  • Photo by Derek Anderson
  • Bike polo players celebrate a goal at a recent match played in a Triangle parking garage.

When we first started talking about doing this year's Annual Manual issue about games people play around the Triangle, the usual suspects came up: golf, hoops, basketball, softball and board games like Scrabble, with its newfound popularity. If we were going to do something wild, it might have been something like beer pong or other silly, collegiate drinking games.

Then we started hearing about really wild games--guerrilla bike polo, a one-man mission to bring carrom to the United States, some middle-aged Raleighites who have a pretty crazy pentathlon every year. And we realized you didn't really need us to tell you where to play neighborhood hoops, though we might help you find a good place to play bridge, pool or paintball, or sing karaoke or watch race cars. And we threw in a story to help you choose the beer that might best accompany your gaming.

So enjoy this year's Annual Manual about The Games (Some) People Play. Hope at least one of them induces you to work a little less and play a little more.


Carrom: A craze waiting to happen
By Gerry Canavan

Paintball: Run, dive, WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!
By Peter Eichenberger

Pentathlon: 36 hours of debauched competition
By Leonidas Mordecai

Bike polo: Not for the thin-skinned
By Charles Duncan

Bridge: Yes, (some) young people play bridge, too
By Claire Cusick

Karaoke: It's not just singing, it's entertaining
By Candice Mitchell

Auto racing: Grease never tasted so good
Photo essay by Derek Anderson and Lissa Gotwals; text by Grayson Currin

Bowling: It takes a Village to get a neighborhood bowling
By Nicole Duncan

Pool: Why I bought a pool hall
By Michael Dearing

Heads up: Beer geeks appreciate a year's worth of liberated brew
By Rick Cornell

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