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Rated R 95 min. 2014

People who collect those creepy antique porcelain dolls are just asking for it, really. So when the doll turns out to be haunted by the malevolent spirit of a deranged Satanic cultist, they get no sympathy from me. Annabelle is the quickie cash-in prequel-sequel to last year's Halloween box office hit The Conjuring, and it's an OK scary movie if you keep your expectations properly proportioned. The film tells the origin story of the spooky doll featured in the first movie—that's Annabelle—and evokes the spirit (heh) of superior Satanic panic movies like Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist. The clammy dread of those films is largely replaced with cheap scares, but it's fun to revisit the days when the devil was lurking in dusty occult books and backward-playing LP records.

Film Credits

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Director: John R. Leonetti

Writer: Gary Dauberman

Cast: Alfre Woodard, Annabelle Wallis, Eric Ladin, Tony Amendola, Brian Howe, Gabriel Bateman, Michelle Romano, Ward Horton, Shiloh Nelson and Tree O'Toole



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