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Al Cashew obviously had too much time on his hands. In the tradition of prank call records like Red's Tube Bar and The Jerky Boys, Cashew peruses the want ads and proceeds to harass the poor suckers on the other end. "Dog Box" is a riotous opener in which Al phones up a woman trying to sell her truck and in turn tries to sell her a dog box for it. Al then winds her around a spool of foolishness that includes hunting, deer and, of course, more dog boxes.

"I Don't Give a Goddamn" finds weird Al calling about a telemarketing job and proceeding to beat his "kid" while the sap on the other end falls hook, line and sinker for the gag, taking down his number and address in order to notify the authorities. One unsuspecting woman thinks Al is actually her friend Carl pranking her and she proceeds to tell him about her experience at a Foreigner concert. You can almost hear Al salivating on the other line. He even employs the original tactic of calling up someone and greeting them as though they called him, then proceeding to get into an "I didn't call you," "Yes you did" exchange that, while horribly juvenile, is still pretty damn funny.

The weird thing about this disc is that the back cover states, "Al Cashew, born March 4th, 1971, was found dead in his home, January 1st, 1999, of self-inflicted injury. The phone calls on this recording document the days prior to his death." It even thanks his parents for consenting to the release of the disc. After listening to this CD, it's tough to decide whether the death statement is real or just another joke from the prankster. If Al is truly dead, we can only hope he was buried in a dog box.

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