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After a decade, SNMNMNM knows it takes a special kind of crazy

Now, brothers




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In 1997, we had no idea what kind of crazy it takes to be in a band. We were just four young lads meeting in the basement of the Eastman School of Music, putting together weird and silly songs with tuba as the bass. Looking back on the past 10 years, we can see it takes a special kind of crazy to do what we do: It's the kind of crazy that makes you set out on your first month-long tour with only three shows booked and a rusty fire truck to get you there; the kind of crazy that tells you to relocate to Hollywood just as you were getting popular in your hometown of Rochester, N.Y. Of course, when it seemed Hollywood was catching on too, you packed it all up and hit the road indefinitely, traveling from town to town, couch to couch, never knowing if you'd make enough gas money to get to the next show. It's also the kind of crazy that will make you drive 26 hours just to play a show in Lubbock, Texas, where for some reason, you're huge.

With every crazy decision and every wrong turn we've made, it is remarkable that 10 years later all four original members remain friends: 10 years of packing and unpacking the van; 10 years of learning the business; 10 years of staying positive despite diminishing returns; 10 years of camaraderie and having a lot of fun. That kind of friendship, that kind of brotherhood, is also a special kind of crazy. 

SNMNMNM now calls Chapel Hill home. Seamus Kenney, Matt Vooris, Matt Kenney and Mark Daumen (S and M and M and M) play Local 506 Saturday, Dec. 15, at 10 p.m. Special guests include The Never, Dan Bryk, Ari Picker, Jay Manley, Will Hackney, New Town Drunks and Rat Jackson. Admission is free.

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