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Adventures in ethnomusicology

There's only one way to discover true "world music" ... go out and find it yourself

This issue of Rock and Roll Quarterly hits the road in search of musical treasure. We found that sometimes the journey wasn't as far as we thought it would be.

Tales of the tape recorder
Two couples, two continents and one bulky cassette recorder: audio vignettes from India and Africa at the millennium.
By Kirk Ross, Amy Wilkinson and Chuck Johnson

Zimbabwe in time and tines
Robert Berliner's attempt to learn, understand and preserve mbira music and culture in turbulent Zimbabwe.
By Robert Zimmerman

Rock en Espanol
Raleigh's Latino rockers LETAL prepare to emerge from their self-storage practice space and onto the local club scene.
By Sylvia Pfeiffenberger

Louis v. Board of Education
In 1954, Louis Armstrong took the stage at then all-white UNC-Chapel Hill's Memorial Hall.
By Gavin O'Hara

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