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Advanced placement


I've been working as an academic adviser in UNC-Chapel Hill's summer orientation program for students who will be freshman in August. At the conclusion of a recent session, I overheard two students discussing their placement test results as their parents arrived.

Student 1: "I can't believe they're making me take freshman comp for my English class! I totally got straight As on all my papers in my world lit class last year."

Student 2: "What books did you read?"

Student 1: "Like everything! We even read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Did you read that one?"

Student 2: "I don't think so. What's it about?"

Student 1: "Oh my god, it's this totally awesome story where Jack Nicklaus plays a guy who gets put in an insane asylum. It's like full of all this symbolism."

Student 2: "Did you read the whole book?"

Student 1: "No ... but I watched the video a couple of times. We also did that other one with all the symbolism. ... Hey Mom, what's the name of that book with Robert Redford?"

I'm guessing that at least one section of freshman comp will yield some interesting class discussions this fall.

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