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Adult Film Makers, Adult Film Makers, Deamonbeach Records CD



Adult Film Makers is the latest project from Clifton Lee Mann, whose many musical projects all seem to share the same qualities: speed, catchy riffs and a really dirty (in a good way) sound. Adult Film Makers is as raunchy as its name suggests, with lyrics and licks that conjure images of fast cars, mean-ass sleazy women and a litany of substances just waiting to be abused. Mann plays guitar and bass while Rock Forbes--drummer in Mann's nearly 20-year-old band the Bad Checks--handles drums and vocals. Forbes, it turns out, has the perfect temperament for this kind of revved-up Detroit-style rock: pissed-off and despairing at the same time. It's not unlike that of Iggy Pop, whose "5'1" the group records.

This CD is one of the first on Demonbeach--a new label co-owned by Mann. The label also recently re-released the Bad Checks' classic sinister debut, Graveyard Tramp, complete with the original artwork. For more information, try

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