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More Voters, By Any Means Possible
Democrats are staking out the Eno River Festival and Fahrenheit 9/11. The Republicans, we see, are signing 'em up at pro wrestling smackdowns. (True.) The object: Registering voters who will add to "the base." Plugs herewith:

ACT: America Coming Together, in search of progressive voters, is working the Eno Festival, the Durham Library, Lincoln Health Clinic, etc. To help:, 682-7468 (Beth Berman).

Democrats: Wake County Dems also doing Eno, other events: 779-0470 (Linda McCarley),

Republicans: State GOP is training volunteers for voter registration Wednesday, June 30, 6:30 p.m., 1506 Hillsborough St., Raleigh. 828-6423 (Katie Hellebush).

Your N.C. Legislature Inaction
The General Assembly's 2003-04 session is winding down without:

Death Penalty Moratorium: SB-972, the bill to suspend executions for two years--while we examine our methods and consciences--passed the Senate last year. But House Co-Speakers Richard Morgan, the Republican, and Jim Black, the Democrat, have refused to bring it up. Too "controversial," they say. But there's still time... Morgan: , 715-3010; Black: , 733-3451.

Local Campaign Reform: SB-760 also passed the Senate; it would allow--not require--cities to establish a public financing option for candidates in local races. It's also too "controversial" for Morgan and Black (see above) and for Rep. Paul Stam, R-Wake, the House Election Law co-chair. Stam: , 733-5780.

Stop Gay-Bashing: SB-1057 and HB-1606 are pending bills to amend the state constitution with a ban on same-sex unions, marriages, or any legal recognition of same-sex couples. is set up to help you write your legislators quickly. 829-0343.

Eat, Drink or S-p-e-l-l
Urban Ministries: In Durham, if you dine on Tuesdays this summer at Spartacus, 4139 Chapel Hill Blvd., you get $12 off and UM of Durham gets $6 of it. Coupons are at; Spartacus: 688-0067.

Wake Literacy Council: For its annual corporate spelling bee in September, the Council (they teach adults to read) is looking for company teams now., 277-1058 (Tommy Laughlin) for info.

This Week
Talk about Chatham: Triangle Organization Development Network (TODN) wants the political factions to stop fighting and "collaboratively explore" Chatham County's future; discussion Wednesday, July 7, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Pittsboro Library., 969-8404 (Vana Prewitt).

Talk about Chapel Hill: TODN (see above) also discerns negative energy between UNC and the town of Chapel Hill instead of "mutual support;" discussion Thursday, July 8, 5:30-8:45 p.m., Chapel Hill Library. Register:, 969-8404.

Durham Progressives: First meeting for the county chapter of the new N.C. Progressive Democrats Caucus. Thursday, July 8, 7-9 p.m., Durham Public Library main branch, Roxboro Rd., 477-5998.

Peace Vigils: in Durham: Saturdays, Noon-1 p.m., Brightleaf Square, Bill Jeffries, 402-0424; in Chapel Hill: Mondays, 5-6 p.m., Franklin Street P.O., and Fridays, 5-6 p.m., E. Franklin Street and Elliott Road, 942-2535; in Raleigh: 1st Wednesdays of every month, Noon-1 p.m. on Fayetteville Mall, 821-2014 (Slater Newman).

Hello? Sen. Dole?
Dirty Air: New Report by Clear the Air, a Washington enviro-group, documents how Bush Administration policies are letting dirty coal-fired power plants evade the law, with "deadly" consequences for our health.; U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole, a Republican, is at: 202-224-6342.

Feel a Draft? It could be that you're feeling S-89 or HR 163, bills filed to bring back the draft in 2005. The Selective Service System never went away, you know, and is "discreetly recruiting" to fill local draft boards, the British press is reporting. Again, Sen. Dole's number: 202-224-6342.

Fahrenheit 9/11: Make a political statement by seeing the new Michael Moore polemic. Says Eli Pariser, of MoveOn PAC fame: "Incredibly powerful... lays bare the cynicism and greed behind Bush's war policy."

Win Without War: Read the statement calling for withdrawal by a date certain ("There is no military solution in Iraq ...") by the coalition of 42 progressive groups at

Win Without Torture: Read another excellent statement on our treaty obligations barring torture ("There is no 'unless the U.S. president wants to' escape clause..."), and forward it to members of Congress, at (Friends Committee on National Legislature). Get the new "Policy Brief" from your progressive watchdog group in Raleigh (it says that unless you're rich, you're a "net loser" from the Bush tax cuts, and North Carolina is, too); also, details on the pending state budget, and the new giveaways to bidness, from its affiliate, the NC Budget & Tax Center; , 856-2153.

For a more purr-fect Union
June is: Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, of course, as proclaimed by the ASPCA, and the Chatham County Animal Shelter folks, who ask you to stop pussyfooting around and adopt at 725 County Landfill Dr., Pittsboro (off N.C. 64 West), Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 10-2. 542-7203. Adorable pictures at,

Volunteer, Please
Exchange Students: AYUSA seeking host families for 2004-05 exchange students, including State Department-supported children from Muslim communities., Also, World Heritage, another State Department-listed program:, 875-2065 (Blaise Strenn).

HopeLine: 24-hour hotline helps people in crisis. Free training starts July 13., 832-3326.

Meals on Wheels: Deliver to the homebound in Wake County, as little as one hour a month. 833-1749.

Senior Games: State Olympics for the over-55 set needs volunteers Sept. 13-Oct. 3., 851-5456.

Habitat for Humanity: Durham Resale Store needs helpers; store helps build affordable homes. Stop by at 3215 Old Chapel Hill Rd., 489-1248.

Club Nova: Thrift shop in Carrboro run for, by people with mental illness; needs volunteer help, too., 967-6985 (Camella Morton).

SAFEChild: Child abuse prevention. Training for volunteers, English- and Spanish-speaking needed., 232-5661.

Orange Crisis: Orange County Rape Crisis Center seeking volunteers, holding summer training class., 968-4647.

Durham Crisis: Help with Pennies for Change Thrift Store (Lakewood Shopping Center), supports Durham Crisis Response Center. 489-2681.

Got something for Act Now? Send it to Act Now at P.O. Box 2690, Durham, N.C. 27715. You can also fax to 286-4274 or e-mail to Please include the date, time, street and city address and phone number for the event. Our deadline is every Friday for the following week's issue. Thanks!

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