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Acid Rain Productions Screening

When: Sat., Sept. 28, 7 p.m. 2013

You're in supreme couch vegetation mode. You've overconsumed [fill in your vice of choice]. Your state of being registers at "shame spiral lite," an existential condition so banal it is almost wholly subliminal, as you mindlessly click the remote, devolving into an ever-deepening state of hypnotic disconnection. You're a passive witness to the barrage of TV commercials punctuated by occasional hiccups of programming that flows before you—none of which triggers more than a mere spasm of your cognitive function.

Imagine inhabiting this familiar state of sub-grayness when your listless digit inadvertently invokes an offering from Acid Rain, Jerstin Crosby's ongoing public art project. In 2008, Crosby began commandeering time slots on public access stations in North Carolina and later in Manhattan to bring the work of established and emerging artists to unsuspecting TV watchers.

If you were lucky enough to tune in, you might have actually sat up on the couch to watch Erica Magrey's neo-psychedelic-musico-philosophical head trip "Own This" (2013) or Neno Belchev's "Positive Message" (2012), a one-minute meditation that morphs New Age yogic principles with simplistic but stunningly affecting digital effects. Or perhaps you saw Jesse Hulcher's "The Vietnam Experience–or–Same Shit Different Song" (2012), in which found footage from the Vietnam War era is looped inexorably to various musical soundtracks.

Now Crosby is taking Acid Rain on the road and presenting a showcase of its most scintillating offerings. Expect a cornucopia of vibrant, innovative, never-obvious, occasionally mind-altering and often entertaining works of video art in this triumphant return to the Triangle at Supergraphic, 601 Ramseur St., Durham. You'll be glad you left the house. —Amy White

Price: $5 suggested donation

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