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We've tweaked our radio frequencies, per your suggestion. So that new ad by the N.C. Association of Realtors is coming through loud and clear—the one about "Stop the Home Tax." Two questions: What's a RealtorTM? And what are they talking about when they say a 1 percent tax when you sell your house "would cost thousands more on top of everything else." What's everything else?

Zork, a RealtorTM is a real-estate sales agent who's a member of the organization that trademarked the term RealtorTM. RealtorsTM help you sell your home and routinely charge you 6 percent of the sales price as commission. The RealtorsTM are campaigning against bills in the legislature that would let the community charge only 1 percent as our commission—because, remember, we all pay for the things like good schools, parks and cops that also help you sell your home. So that's what they mean by "everything else"—when you sell your house, the lawyers get a fee, the title companies get a fee, and the RealtorsTM get a 6 percent fee, but the community shouldn't get anything, is what they mean.

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