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OK, we're not stupid up here, so we know that when Ann Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot," she didn't mean he was a "bundle of sticks" or "pieces of wrought iron." But what did she mean? And why would Republican candidates for president appear with her?

Call me on a secure line, Zork, and we can really talk about Ann Coulter. See, she's allowed to call people names because she's "conservative," and "conservatives" are "tough." So after she called Iranian Muslims "ragheads" at last year's Conservative Political Action Conference, naturally they invited her back this year. And when she attacked Edwards, the crowd "laughed and clapped ... heartily," according to journalist Andrew Sullivan, who was there. Sullivan, conservative and gay, knows Coulter's use of the f-word wasn't a joke, as she later claimed, but a calculated slur. The word is used to demonize gay men, he says. But it's also used to "threaten a straight man with being reduced to the social pariah status of a gay man" if they take "sissy" positions like, for example, caring about poverty. As for Republican candidates Guiliani & Co. (all but McCain), they're just manly men who like when a girl "gets it."

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