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The Karamazov Brothers


Like an extreme circus, the dangerously funny Karamazov Brothers pull stunts and tricks that far exceed anything Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey ever imagined!

With a mixture of fire, pies and juggling, the Karamazovs have taken the art of variety performance to a level that leaves Bobo the Clown wide-eyed! The brothers (Pavel, Dmitri, Alexei, Mararov, Vanya, Misha and Nikita) have been mastering this entertaining art since 1972, and have continued adding hilarious and mesmerizing feats to their arsenal!

Their newest show, Catch!, is that plus much more! There's dance, music, comedy and a whole lot in store for all. Not to mention, one of their greatest feats ever, The Gamble! For this act, audience members are asked to bring nearly any item they think will prove to be "unjugglable" for the brothers! That's right, anything! (But no live animals!) Come and test their skill! They'll be performing at the N.C. Museum of Art Friday and Saturday! This will be one of the great shows of the ages for people of all ages! Don't miss a single exclamation point's worth! May 30 & 31 $18-22, $5 children ages 2-12. Call 834-400 or 715-5923.

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