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Language is a thing with this man. This "boy genius," this "intellectual deejay," this "bio-critic," this "hip-hop intellectual," this son-and-husband-and-soulmate-and-teacher, got words for days. Used them before on the pulpit--ordained Baptist minister that he is--uses them now (and often) in columns and commentaries and books about God and gangstas and race and reflecting and black women and love. Knowledge and spirit combine when The Know Bookstore and SpiritHouse brings this orator of boundless vocab--Michael Eric Dyson (scholar that he is)--to the Triangle for a reading and signing of his latest inspired offering Why I Love Black Women. Dyson travels personal and historical corridors recalling Harriets and Ida Bs like Angela Davis, Assata Shakur--the "brave black revolutionary"--and his fifth grade teacher, of whom he writes: "I can still see her face: a honey chocolate, pie-shaped visage silhouetted by a shock of dark curls and lit by bright eyes that were lanterns of learning through which her students illuminated the first time to dark corners of black history." Dyson also celebrates current women-warriors like Susan L. Taylor, "In the Spirit" columnist for Essence magazine and wife Marcia Dyson, herself, an ordained minister. Black Women is a manuscripted love song every muse(ic) lover can appreciate. And as for his fitting subject matter: Let's hear it for the girls. Friday, March 21, at 6:30 p.m. The Community Family Life & Recreation Center, Lyon Park, 1313 Halley St., Durham. Call Dionne Greenlee at (919) 536-4200 for more info. Free.

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