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Rennie Harris' PureMovement


Choreographer Rennie Harris brought hip-hop dancing into a new light by founding PureMovement in 1991. This raw, innovative style went from the streets to the stage, giving it status as a new form of performing art and cultural statement. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Harris himself became a participant in break dancing, house dancing and stepping--all forms of hip-hop dance. With the creation of PureMovement, he translated these socially focused events into a solid, structured and cohesive performance piece. The North Carolina State University Center Stage will present PureMovement on Wednesday, Jan. 29. Extremely successful and widely embraced by critics, the show exhibits a crew of male dancers' diverse talents. Besides experience as professional dancers, some have performed with artists like Lil' Kim, Destiny's Child and Kool and the Gang. Their backgrounds in sports like karate and gymnastics give the pieces an extreme amount of athleticism and agility. PureMovement begins at 8 p.m., Stewart Theatre. Admission is $22-$27 for general public, $8 for students. Call 515-1100 for more information.

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